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Bensheim, Germany

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Thanks for all your support! It was a pleasure working with you! We are happy to get her on board...thank you again for your fast support and the great candidates for this hard-to-fill position.


Industry:  Fintech

Job Function:  DevOps

Location:  DACH

Recruitment Manager

EMEA Recruitment 

FICO Tonbeller

FICO tranpsrent.png


FICO Tonbeller is a new Client for High Performers and it was important that our business delivered above and beyond the expectations of FICO. 

We were tasked with immediate growth hires for a new Cloud DevOps team in Bensheim. This team was expanding from 8 individuals to 12, which gave us an opportunity to add more resource to the account and utilise our specialist DevOps Researchers for these specific hires across Germany. 

Having not worked in Bensheim before our Account Director, Jack Sharp, went out to FICO's offices to introduce himself to the local team and get a better understanding of the culture and office environment (critical for attracting talent away from Frankfurt). 


Our research team were able to quickly identified specific individuals working across technology and financial institutions in Frankfurt using a mixture of competitor mapping, recommendations and a deep technical understanding of FICO's solutions. 

We presented relevant candidates within a week of starting the role and had interviews with hiring team by the second week. With any new account we further emphasise our open, transparent feedback process, which proved valuable to the research team who were able to constructively apply this to their search and modify criteria accordingly. 



FICO's main objective is the sustainable fight against financial and white-collar crime. They help banks, insurance companies, and industrial corporations fulfill their compliance obligations, avoid reputational damages, and live up to their own ethical standards. The Siron™ Anti-Financial Crime Solutions Suite includes a comprehensive modular portfolio with high functionality, thereby meeting customers‘ demands for protection against criminal abuse and non-compliance under one roof. The building-block design allows variable combination of the products. This enables FICO to offer tailor-made solutions against money-laundering, fraud, terrorist financing, and to fulfill custom requirements for Governance, Risk and Compliance in the best possible way.


  • Candidate presented through to offer accepted and contract signed within 10 weeks

  • FICO delighted to close off a position that had been open for 12 months.

  • Able to share 'mean' and 'range' on salaries within the region, providing confidence to the recruitment and hiring team. 

Meet the Team:


Jack Sharp

Account Director - Technology

Bogdan Vasile_edited.jpg

Bogdan Vasile

Research Manager, EMEA