• Jack Sharp

3 signs it’s time to grow your technology recruitment team

The UK’s technology sector is growing quicker than the rest of the UK’s economy by almost a quarter. With new and emerging job roles cropping up every single day, it’s an industry bursting with life.

For the technology recruiter, that means a lot of work. Here are five signs it’s time to take your technology recruitment team to the next level.

Over-worked, under-staffed

As a technology recruiter, you’re probably trying hard to keep a lid on that growing brain of yours, especially if you’re recruiting for technical roles in enterprise-level organisations.

Given the age of the industry, it’s tough to know exactly who you, your business and your team should recruit. Cybersecurity professionals, CIOs and data analysts are just three job roles, and you’re having to spend time defining these roles as well as source appropriate candidates.

Given that IT and technology is the number one fastest growing industry in the UK right now, that workload is only going to increase. If you’re feeling squeezed already and don’t have a helping hand, there’s every chance you’ll need one in the next year, if not before.

The quality of candidates is slipping

According to a study by TekSystems, 81 percent of IT leaders indicate it is extremely or moderately difficult to find quality candidates, and 73 percent of IT professionals say it is extremely or moderately difficult to find positions for which they are qualified.

Considering your workload will be ever-increasing, this difficulty in finding appropriate candidates will become even more challenging and your candidate selection list will likely drop in quality, which will lead to under-qualified professionals and quite possibly, the loss of clients.

If you’re presenting candidates who you don’t have full confidence in, it might be time to consider bringing in the reinforcements, giving you back your valuable time to make sure you’re only selecting the best of the bunch.

You’re lacking expertise

Given the nature of the technology industry, the odds are against you. There’s no feasible way to consistently monitor industry updates and understand technical aspects of the IT industry, and find the time to recruit experts to fill these roles.

On the contrary, 63 percent of IT professionals cite unrealistic technical expectations as the biggest challenge to finding a job. So, not only do you understand what roles you’re trying to fill, but candidates don’t understand the job roles either.

How, then, are you meant to hit KPIs and perform to standard? How are you supposed to find professionals who don’t understand their profession?

Outsource your workload

Fortunately, there are experts you can turn to. Specialist recruitment companies have dedicated the time to understand the know-how of the technology sector, and can provide you, the squeezed technology recruiter, with expert advice and well-placed candidates, taking the workload off your hands and allowing you to hit your targets without having to work on into the night.


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