• Jack Sharp

3 ways technology boosts your productivity as a recruiter

Technology has revolutionised many departments. From HR to accounting, automation software is now very much a key player inside an organisation. And this is the case when it comes to recruitment.

Tools like LinkedIn Recruiter have provided new avenues for the recruiter to venture down, allowing executive search firms to tailor their approach to finding the right candidate. Not only has technology boosted the quality of candidates coming through the door, but it’s allowed the technology recruiter the chance to become more productive.

Here are just a few ways technology boosts your productivity as a recruiter.

1.    Work on the go

Mobile recruiting is very much common practice. Today, 66 percent of people in the UK are applying for jobs on their mobile. Job seeking is a matter of convenience and consequently, your recruitment campaigns need to be tailored to convenience, too.

By deploying a mobile-friendly recruitment campaign, you’ll likely increase the number of candidates coming through the door, giving you a greater chance of finding and selecting high-quality candidates quicker, resulting in a higher turnover of roles.

On the contrary, mobile working practices are becoming increasingly popular. With tools like Office 365, Outlook for mobile and the LinkedIn app, you can source and get in touch with candidates no matter what your location may be, allowing you to get on with the work at hand and deliver more candidates to clients.

2.    Automated workflows

One of the biggest perks to technology is automation, and as a technology recruiter, you’re able to implement automated email workflows and recruitment campaigns, helping you get your time back.

Tools like Beamery, NowWeComply and Workable are all available to help you perform your executive search easier and more efficiently. And by deploying these automated recruitment tools, you can regain your time for what matters: finding the perfect candidate.

3.    Managing your processes

Technology doesn’t just help you with recruitment, it helps you manage every aspect of your role, from admin to reporting. Tools like Wunderlist and Todoist are the perfect platforms to let you organise your to-do lists and better prioritise your tasks, while emailing tools like Boomerang help you reduce distraction so you can focus on getting the work done.

And it doesn’t stop there. Tech Radar have put together this essential list of the top 50 best productivity apps for 2017, helping you switch the distractions off while keeping the technology on.

Partner with an executive search firm for ultimate productivity

Even with technology in place, boosting your productivity can be a difficult thing to achieve, especially if you’re a technology recruiter in a rapidly growing, under resourced company with high ambitions.

There’s always work to be done, sure, but with the right executive search firm, you can offload the burden of recruitment onto the experts who know, leaving you with the time and availability to fill more roles and hit those KPIs.

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