• Jack Sharp

3 ways to improve the candidate experience

It’s tough work trying to keep potential hires engaged in a job role. With so much competition, candidates aren’t likely to speak with one recruiter or apply for just one job. And as a recruiter you’re not going to interview a singular candidate. You’ll interview many. Getting candidates to go the distance during the hiring process, then, is tough.

But if you can deliver a great candidate experience, if you can provide a unique and valued one, you’re in for a good chance of landing a deal while making candidates happier. Here are 3 ways you can improve the candidate experience today.

1. Ensure candidates have access to the prep they need

31 percent of candidates reported that they received no information to help them prepare for an interview, according to The Talent Board. Interviewing is stressful for both sides of the table, and the less confident a candidate is walking into an interview, the worse the interview (and the more time you’ve wasted).

Give candidates every opportunity to study about the company they’re interviewing for and prepare talking points. During the interview process, you only want to understand the best in people, and by giving a candidate every opportunity to prepare, you’ll soon identify the weak from the chaff.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication is the key to everything. 60 percent of candidates say they’ve gone for interviews and never heard back from the company afterwards. Consequently, 42 percent of candidates will not apply to the same company twice if their experience was bad. By failing to respect candidates, you shut out future opportunities to speak with them. That’s a lot of leads you’re missing out on. Just because someone isn’t right for a particular job, it doesn’t mean they’re not right for future jobs. Don’t shut out your talent pool.

3. Focus on the long term

Your role as a hiring manager doesn’t end when a candidate accepts a job. The best recruiters focus on building long-term relationships. To do this, focus on onboarding. The onboarding stage is a great window of opportunity to deliver an amazing candidate experience.

From day one, a candidate will be weighing up everything about a company and the process of transitioning. It’s risky business leaving one job for another, and settling into a new role can be challenging. Ensuring a candidate feels valued, then, is critical to their experience. And who knows, perhaps you’ll reach out to that candidate again down the road about a new job opportunity.

Seek expert help

Fast-growing companies - especially companies operating in technology - often don’t have the time or resources to deliver a great candidate experience. With so many new job roles to fill, hiring managers often fail to deliver an experience that enhances company culture. Instead, candidates are ignored and often don’t receive the valuable feedback they’re after.

To optimise the candidate experience, then, seek expert help. Specialist executive search companies are built to deliver an experience that candidates won’t forget. By outsourcing your hiring process, not only are you trying to find quality hires, you’re building a culture that values it’s employees. And candidates talk. A good experience does more than just make you look good, it builds employee integrity, and integrity stands for everything.