• Jack Sharp

5 ways hiring managers can work smarter in 2018

Last year, we saw the push of technology in the workplace. Automation, machine learning and AI all topped the charts as effective ways to make work processes more efficient.

The good news is, 2018 intends to take these processes even further. Here are our top 5 ways you can get more done this year.

1.   More technology

We’re all sceptical about technology. The question of whether robots will eventually replace us is hot news right now. The reality is, we’re irreplaceable. As a result, we need to be welcoming technological changes in the workplace with open arms.

As a hiring manager, it’s up to you to ensure your team is as effective as it can be, and that means improving efficiencies. By automating work processes like emails and admin, it frees up your time to focus on what’s important: closing deals and improving your team’s KPIs.

2.   Track your time

Thanks to technological automation, you now have free time to get to the work that matters. For ultimate productivity, then, track the time you now have and begin to analyse how effective you are at utilising what time is available to you.

There are multiple time tracking applications you can install to help you consciously watch your time and better use it in the future. A few examples include Toggl and Timely, both of which can help you and your team reduce wasted time and increase the chances of getting real work done.

3.   Automate your emails

Sticking to the theme of technology, there are tools at your dispense to reduce your time spent responding to emails, once again, freeing up your time to focus on the task at hand.

Boomerang, for example, allows you to schedule your emails to different time zones across the world, letting you schedule emails to go out at optimal times throughout the day, get read receipts and follow up if someone doesn’t respond to an email.

4.   Outsource your admin

Like emails, there are other menial tasks on our plates that we must complete before we can begin to innovate and develop the team and the business. As a hiring manager, it’s critical that you reduce your time spent putting out fires and focus on ways to push the business forward.

For smarter work, outsource this work to other people. Whether that’s by hiring a helper or simply by delegating more work to your team, you should rid yourself of tasks that have no benefit.

5.   Track and report

Business is about experimenting with what works. In this data-driven business world, you can begin to track your output more effectively and consequently, make iterative changes to your working habits for maximum productivity.

A/B test different tools and productivity hacks, report on what is and isn’t working, and implement the most effective tools for the job. It’s not about what you use, it’s about how well it works for you.

2018: a year of delegation and automation

Your job is about much more than just putting out fires. With technology creeping its way into the everyday business world, it’s up to your to offload the unnecessary work and focus on business growth, development and innovation. It’s this area that offers the most value to the human employee.

Of course, releasing control to a machine is no easy feat. It’s difficult to put trust in the shoes of something without, well, shoes. But, as a hiring manager, it’s a matter of fact that you will have to come to terms with, or risk becoming invaluable.