• Jack Sharp

Are technology recruiters out of touch with reality?

For a recruiter to recruit well, not only do they need to deeply understand the industry they operate in, but also the wide array of job roles available in that industry. HR, accounting, sales and marketing are the usual suspects. But for us - who operate in technology - there’s new and evolving roles emerging every day. CIOs, CTOs and other cyber staff-related jobs are just a few roles we work to fill.

How, then, in an industry as rapidly growing as this, do we keep our heads to the floor?

We stay updated

First things first, we read about our industry. Not only that, we read around our industry. Our mornings don’t consist of reading the Daily Mail and participating in Buzzfeed quizzes. We read the likes of Wired and Computer World. Our personal favourite for new trends in technology, however, is CIO magazine. Not only does it provide us with the latest and greatest in the industry, but it’s written exactly for the people we recruit. It gives us an inside track on what CIOs and CTOs will be talking about by the water cooler, allowing us to understand the darkest depths of the roles we recruit for. This helps build and maintain trust with our clients.

To take things one step further, by understanding emerging technology we can better screen our candidates and sniff out the brilliant from the bullsh*t. Technology is a challenging industry to recruit for, mostly because job roles are still being defined, but also because candidates aren’t certain about the job roles they’re in.

65 percent of recruiters claim that a lack of skilled talent is the biggest barrier to hiring, according to research by Jobvite. With such an uncertainty around the abilities of candidates, screening is essential to ensuring businesses are matched with the right employees. Keeping up-to-date, then, improves our ability to shortlist, which subsequently improves your ability to grow as a business.

We avoid buzzwords

Bottom line. Sound boarding. Core competency. Integrated development environment… There are two types of people in recruitment. Those who use language as a tool to benefit themselves, and those who get their head down and get the work done. We like to believe we’re the latter.

Climbing the corporate ladder isn’t our core objective. We’re not here to sell you anything and we’re - just like you - a human. Buzzwords make stupid people sound ‘smart’. Smart people, then, should sound smart without them. Our focus is to recruit the right candidate for your business, and that means honestly understanding it. By cutting the crap out of what we do and focusing on the ‘core competencies’ (I’m sorry), we can deliver faster, more accurate and higher skilled candidates who we know will work within a certain business.

Finally, we embrace technology

One in three developers fear AI will eventually replace them. We’re not so sure. Today’s digital business is built on embracing automation and outsourcing work to improve efficiencies, and then tracking and reporting by analysing data. Data is the new commodity, and we like it.

At High Performers, we look to embrace automation wherever we can. Technology is the future whether we like it or not, and theories of how this will affect the job market is what keeps us awake at night. What can we be doing better? How can we be recruiting better, using technology to our advantage? LinkedIn recruiter is already taking off as the go-to tool for sourcing and screening candidates. And it’s a tool we use daily. But to recruit at the forefront of technology, we need to be embracing it. Much like reading CIO magazine, we strive to understand the ins and outs not only of the people in our industry, but the technology, too.