• Jack Sharp

How to make the most of LinkedIn recruitment tools as a technology recruiter

Like every job, you need the right tools to get the most out of your work. For the technology recruiter, that means utilising the best automation applications, tools and services that the web can offer, which, for many, means turning to LinkedIn.

Here’s how you can make the most out of LinkedIn as a technology recruiter.

LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn have harnessed their platform and created something especially useful for anyone in executive search. LinkedIn Recruiter comes with an array of candidate screening and selection tools that not only speeds up the time it takes to hire a candidate, but also ensures that candidates that come through the door are of the highest quality.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, a recruiting algorithm increases the accuracy of selecting productive employees by more than fifty percent.

With LinkedIn Recruiter, then, the average technology recruiter is able to harness the 476 million LinkedIn members to accurately select the best of the bunch.

The Jobs Network

The biggest benefit of using LinkedIn Recruiter is the tools ability to effectively target. Like their LinkedIn Advertising tool, the jobs network lets you identify the market you’re trying to target, ensuring that your job posting is placed in front of the right computer screens.

You can quickly target a job posting by degree classification, industry and salary, among others, to automatically rule out those who do not meet your criteria. Once you’re getting applicants through the door, you can quickly manage your candidates, share top picks with your team and get real-time insights into how your job posts are performing.

‘Work with us’ ads

Everyone wants a close-knit team, and who better to trust than your current employees. LinkedIn’s ‘work with us’ ads allow you to utilise your employees’ profiles to advertise job openings to their networks.

By publishing your live job opportunities through trusted sources like your employees’ LinkedIn profiles, you can quickly increase your click-through rate. In fact, LinkedIn estimate that ‘work with us’ ads generate a click-through rate of more than fifty percent.

By far and wide, though, the ‘work with us’ ads means that not only can you harness the power of advertising through trusted sources, but you can also block competitors from posting jobs on your employees’ profiles too, meaning that the floor is yours to use.

Careers pages

Every aspect of your company tells a story, even the way that you recruit. LinkedIn Recruiter lets you build out careers pages right on their platform, giving potential clients the chance to peak behind the door before they apply.

Like candidate selection, this lets prospects decide whether they’d be a good fit at your company or not, reducing the amount of time you have to spend screening, all the while developing your company’s online presence as one that is trusted, unique and ready for business.

Recruiter Lite

If you’re considering conducting your executive search in-house, and you’re not recruiting many people, LinkedIn even gives you the option to go Lite. Build a candidate pipeline, access a wider talent pool and use InMail to directly engage with the talent you think is perfect for your business.

Leave it to the experts

As a technology recruiter, there’s no doubt that you’ll be using LinkedIn Recruiter in-house to source the best candidates for your business. But, are you using the platform to its full force? With an abundance of features and benefits, it might be worth looking to a company that can quickly deploy and utilise all that LinkedIn Recruiter has to offer, especially if you’re in a state of rapid growth and are looking to make multiple hires.

Outsourcing, then, might just be your best answer. By turning to a trusted source that can not only advise you how to get the most bang for your buck, but also place candidates quickly and ensure that your team is scaling at the same rate as your business, you can rest assured that you’re hiring only the best candidates for your business.