• Jack Sharp

Why you need to be outsourcing your executive search

Executive search is one of the most lucrative industries across the globe. With the rate that business is progressing today, keeping on top of internal process updates like recruitment is a real challenge.

As a rapidly growing SMB, the last thing you need to do to your business is divert resources away from driving business growth and closing deals to focus on recruitment. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Outsourcing.

Here are just a few reasons you need to be outsourcing your executive search.

Decrease the noise. Increase the quality

Job advertising is a dangerous game. You put feelers out for a new job opening, and what you get back is unqualified, unexperienced nonsense that you then have to spend time disqualifying. Not only is that a resource drainer, it’s also time spent away from important things like business growth.

What you need, then, is pre-qualified, quality candidates landing on your plate. You need a firm that has already sieved through the abundance of applications and that has conducted interviews to find you the best, handpicked candidates who fit your business. With an outsourced executive search firm, that’s exactly what you get.

Say goodbye to average performers

Good executive search comes down to three things: research, research, research. If you’re outsourcing your executive search, be sure to hire a firm with strong candidate research capabilities. This way, you can bin off those average performers and only be presented with the best candidates. The difficulty shouldn’t be in choosing between the average and the best candidates, it should be who to give the job to.

Recruiting with scalability in mind

You’re a rapidly growing SMB with a lot of ambition. In fact, you’re growing so quickly that you’re struggling to keep up with staff levels, leaving your current employees strapped for time and over worked.

With executive search, you’re investing in scalable recruitment. Whether you’re looking to place one candidate or ten, you’ll receive the same level of quality and assurance in every candidate that has been screened.

Focus on client growth, not internal growth

For a growing SMB, your sole focus should be client growth. After all, if you’re quarter is bigger, your room for growth increases, too. Like HR, you should be doing all you can to delegate workload whilst retaining quality, and that means turning to a trusted company to take care of your business, so you can take care of your business.