• Jack Sharp

Will recruitment technology replace human recruiters?

Automation has already taken over many processes across multiple industries. HR, accounting and legal departments all have access to a wide array of machine learning tools to help them achieve greater efficiencies.

But at the rate technology is innovating, AI and robotics will soon become the norm in the workforce. So, as recruiters we must ask: will recruitment technology replace us?

The rise of AI

69 percent of senior HR professionals believe that it is very or somewhat likely that there will be humanoids (robots that look like humans) in the workplace by 2030, according to recent research.

And it’s true, AI is predicted to be the next revolution, and it does have the potential to replace human workers. In fact, American hardware store Lowe’s has already introduced the Lowebot into a few of their San Jose stores in California, replacing the need for retail staff on the shop floor. These virtual assistants can remember faces and speak multiple languages, too, outperforming their fellow humans at a more cost-effective rate.

But will AI replace the technology recruiter?

In short, no. Just because technology improves efficiencies, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be out of a job anytime soon. Firstly, candidates don’t want to be hired by machines. The key to good recruitment is character judgement and building relationships, both of which require human intuition and emotional intelligence.

Secondly, word-of-mouth advertising is too popular to replace technological recommendations. Recruitment is about sales. It’s a candidate’s job to sell themselves to a recruiter and it’s a recruiter’s job to sell a candidate to a client, assuming they’re the right fit, of course. A good sales pitch comes down to one thing: trust. And people trust people.

74 percent of consumers identify word-of-mouth as a key influencer in their purchasing decision, according to Ogilvy. Until AI develops emotional intelligence and a killer sales pitch that looks beyond the financials, the technology recruiter is, for now, safe.

Those who use technology, win

Technology is the car, and you are the driver. It’s down to you, then, to take control. Whether you like it or not, technology is on the brink of transforming the workplace and if you’re not keeping up with new and emerging trends, and thereby providing value to your business, your performance will undoubtedly falter.

Long gone are the days of notebooks and pens. Today’s technologically charged workforce calls for greater collaboration, cloud applications and improved efficiencies. Yes, your role as a technology recruiter will likely change in the coming years; how you work won’t remain the same forever. But you need to embrace this change and take control of your processes.

In the words of Lauren Padua, director of technology and operations consulting at Alexander Mann Solutions,

‘The potential of any intelligent software is limited by the human talent responsible for commissioning, implementing and managing it.’

Fear not, human. You are safe.


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